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The Golf Course Office

90% of Fortune 500 CEOs are golfers, and since 2019 midweek golf increased by 83%. In accepting this trend, there are a number of reasons why the golf course could make a great office.
  • Deals are made on the golf course. A study estimates that 30% of business deals are made on the golf course. Spending quality time with team mates, clients and collaborators engaging in sports, creates a sense of community and belonging that is not present in an office.

  • When people are happy, they are more productive. Happy employees are 12% - 20% more productive. There is a strong correlation between being happy and work and happy in life. And what makes people happy? Spending time doing things they enjoy - like golf.

  • Workplace technology is increasingly mobile. Cellphones and portable laptops allow us to work from anywhere - why not leverage it to its' fullest?

  • Own the commute. For golf enthusiasts, it is a unique experience that you cannot get working from home. A reason to invest the time in commuting.

  • Fresh air and exercise are great for productivity. Time spent in nature boosts of oxygen, improving cognitive function. Exercise releases endorphins, leading to greater focus, less stress, and improved productivity.

With the potential for AI take over dull, repetitive and dangerous jobs, our time will be freed up to engage in relationship building with clients and collaborators.

While I personally do not play golf, I do believe that if businesses are serious about driving wellness, community and collaboration, that old ways of thinking of work (seated at a desk 9-5) need to be reimagined. If you're changing the paradigm - why not invest in a new one that is enticing for you?


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